2018 Accessories Market Weeks & Shows


By Lauren Parker, Editor-In-Chief, Accessories Magazine and Karen Giberson, President, Accessories Council Accessories Magazine and The Accessories Council would like to clarify the accessories market dates for 2018 and explain the shifts. The accessories market is a dynamic and diverse collection of categories, price points and brands. Collectively, the accessories industry represents luxury, mainstream, specialty and mass distributed products. One thing is clear: there is no perfect set of market week dates that serve all the diverse needs of our broad industry, but we are working to unify the markets in the most mutually beneficial ways. Over the years, many retailers have consolidated, buying patterns have changed and everyone is reevaluating their businesses, including the trade shows. When UBM Fashion acquired “AccessoriesTheShow” and Accessories Magazine to join their other accessories and ready-to-wear shows, they reorganized their schedule to offer dates and timing that reflected the feedback of thousands of retail show attendees and accessories and ready-to-wear exhibitors. UBM Fashion is the largest B2B fashion and accessories trade show producer in the world. The accessories shows are now aligned with other markets that UBM feels offer the best possible option for most wholesalers and retailers. The Accessories Council is on board with this shift for its synergies with the ready-to-wear markets and hopes to see more senior level executive attendance during markets. In addition, the Council just announced it would shift its ACE Awards to align with the newly added June Market [UBM has added a new marketplace in June featuring Coterie, AccessorieCircuit@Coterie, AccessoriesTheShow, POOLTRADESHOW, Fame and Moda]. For those who sell larger chains and stores and are used to following the old market schedule, we’ve added in full market weeks to round out the show weeks, as well as some weeks to accommodate buying in between the UBM shows. Larger brands who need to get holiday orders wrapped up before the June market will still show in May. Our conclusion? No matter what the show dates are, you will need to be ready to show when your customers call. Below, Accessories Magazine and the Accessories Council has created an Accessories Market Guide to help navigate the 2018 options and UBM’s New York accessories shows when makes most sense for your business. We understand it can be shocking to see traditional Market Week months shifted, but please realize that the July Market Week is just two weeks before the “traditional” August date, and the February Market Week is one week prior to the “traditional” March date. For full article please visit:



  • “The best bag candy straddles the high-low divide by being kitschy and irreverent. “Lately, these charms have gotten bigger, bolder,” Karen Giberson, president of the Accessories Council trade group, told Bloomberg.” - Quartz Media, December 2016 -
  • “One’s look is just not finished without jewelry!  From statement pieces to dainty pieces, jewelry tells a story and speaks volumes about your personality. From trendy fashion to statement couture pieces, jewelry allows one to express her personality. I like to mix it up and change it often.” - Karen Giberson, JCK Insider, May 2016 -
  • “The retail landscape is changing rapidly, and competition is everywhere. It’s a good time to question everything you are currently doing and challenge yourself to make changes, test new ideas and ways of selling. The old way of doing things won’t cut it going forward.” - Karen Giberson, JCK Insider, May 2016 -
  • “Custom and customized jewelry is very hot right now,” Karen Giberson, president of the Accessories Council in New York, said, “and we see it continuing. It appeals to the desire for something unique, individualized and thoughtful.” - The New York Times, November 2016 -
  • “Students of the Accessories Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) just got a souped-up new classroom, courtesy of The Doneger Group and Accessories Council, who raised funds…  ” - Accessories Magazine, December 2016 -
  • “To meet the challenges of uncertainty and consumer resistance, the council holds round-table workshops to help members brainstorm solutions” - WWD, July 2016 -
  • “It is an honor to be recognized by the Accessories Council for our influence on fashion and style in the industry…Thank you, Accessories Council, for putting an exclamation mark to the show of a lifetime.” - Dan Lawson, August 2016 -
  • “… this is the Accessories Council- a community of my creative, brilliant peers and mentors….” - Jennifer Fisher, August 2016 -
  • “Thank you to the Accessories Council for this honor. Your dedication and support for emerging brands and accessories like my own means that designers have the resources they need to be successful as they develop” - Paul Andrew, August 2016 -
  • “Accessories Magazine popped into another Accessories Council event at 8am…and there was Karen [Giberson], bright and chipper!” - Accessories Magazine on the Summit, November 2016 -