Product:Joan Borinstein



Product Description:

Cashmere Scarf digitally printed with photos taken by Joan Borinstein, owner and designer of wanderings

Why should this product be considered?

King Penguins

I’ve created a unique limited-edition scarf line called
wanderings to express in contemporary fashion, my
lifelong passions for travel, photography, wildlife and nature.
To the observer, this King Penguin scarf appears as a
beautiful combination of color, pattern and texture.
Only the wearer can unwrap this scarf and reveal
the colony of 200,000 King Penguins located in
South Georgia-Antarctica. A hidden treasure becomes
wearable art.
This scarf is an example of my goal to share nature
in all its forms and present it in a product that has
universal appeal. Every location is noted on a tag a
s part of my presentation. For every scarf sold,
a contribution is made to conservation efforts
around the world.