Tribe + Glory - Empowered Necklace.png

Product: Empowered Necklace

Brand: Tribe + Glory

Price: $210

Product Description:

The Empowered Necklace makes up part of our exclusive link collection which we designed for International Women's Day. Inspired by the concept 'Linked Together We Are Unstoppable, we love that each link is unique yet blends together to form a beautiful chain. Handcrafted out of hand-carved Ankole Cattle Horn and brass links, the Empowered necklace is available in both light and dark variations. We love the way this imagery calls to mind our mission at Tribe + Glory. Each woman and each dream is uniquely beautiful, but together we form a tribe much bigger than ourselves. Together we have the power to change the greater global stories of gender inequality, extreme poverty, and human trafficking.

Why should this product be considered?

The Empowered Necklace has been hand crafted by the Tribe + Glory program members. Working out of Uganda, Tribe + Glory is a US 501c3 organization working with women living under the poverty line to support them in starting their own businesses. Our unique model of craftsmanship, relationship and entrepreneurship has been created as a stepping stone for women in rural communities to pull themselves out of poverty, empowering them to support their families. Every purchase from our unique handcrafted collection including the Empowered Necklace goes towards the salaries and entrepreneurship training of the Tribe + Glory women, allowing these women see their business dreams become a reality. Each of the T + G women have inspiring and innovative business dreams. 100% of the proceeds from our collections, including the Empowered Necklace directly supports the business dreams of the Tribe + Glory women, helping them to create for themselves a sustainable livelihood and to support their family.

In addition to keeping our impact with the T+G program members at the forefront of everything we do as a brand. Tribe + Glory is also committed to using ethically and sustainably sourced materials. Each one of our products is made out of locally sourced, recycled materials. We believe in supporting local industries and through purchasing all of our materials from the region, we are able to empower local producers regularly. In addition to local producers, we are committed to supporting local workers in all aspects of operation, from construction to craftsmanship training.

We also love the story of this product in particular. The Empowered Necklace is designed to inspire and empower not only the T+G women in Uganda through material entrepreneurship training and savings, but also our customers in the beauty and care enjoyed in the stunning final product. We love the story and connecting power of this product with women on other sides of the world and we truly do believe that Linked Together We Are Unstoppable.