Product: Celestial Opulence automatic

Brand: Timex

Price: $249

Product Description:

Inspired by the movement of the night sky, our Celestial Opulence Automatic moves naturally to the rhythm of your life. The exhibition case back displays its 21-jewel automatic movement, while the textured strap and stainless steel case are complemented by celestial details and Swarovski® crystal accents on the dial and a rotating disk for the floating hour-hand.

Why should this product be considered?

Our Celestial Opulence Automatic collection is the first women’s automatic that we’ve launched since 2011. We were inspired by the movement of the celestial sky, bringing in ethereal details: the exhibition case back with celestial designs displaying its 21-jewel automatic movement, unique celestial-inspired markers, a rotating disk for the floating hour-hand and shimmering Swarovski® crystals. These beautiful design details paired with the rich color palette make this collection the perfect fall accessory for our female consumers.