Product: Six Bougies Tote Bag

Brand: Tembo

Price: $75

Product Description:

The Tembo Six Bougies tote bag is made from luxury African Wax fabric.
The legendary fabric we use for this tote was given a name and meaning to communicate information about the women that wear them – meanings that were not assigned as a marketing trick by the producer, but that were created by the women of Africa who sell and wear the fabrics.

Six Bougies, is a print designed in 1940 that changed meaning over time. At first, it signaled economic prosperity, as the owner demonstrated that he or she could afford a six cylinder car. But the print eventually took on a quite different meaning: that the woman wearing had the umph to handle six men. How’s that for Girl power!

The tote bag is fair trade made in Queens, NYC, by immigrant, refugee and asylee women.

• 3 built-in bottle holders keep your liquids upright & prevent leaking (awesome for wine!)
• Interior pocket fits large smartphones
• Band and button closure for quick roll-up and convenient storage
• Double-lined for durability
• Custom designed hand carved horn button
• Wide shoulder straps created for comfort
• Roomy size —19” wide x 15” high (not including strap length)
• 100% washable cotton- easy clean & care

Tembo Tote bags are available in a variety of colors and fabric patterns

Why should this product be considered?

On average a plastic bag is used for 12 minutes and can live to be 1000 years old. By 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish!

In fact, many countries have now placed controls on plastic bag manufacturing or distribution—bringing your own bag when traveling to many countries is becoming a solid item on your “must pack” list.

Even in the US, many state and local governments have taken steps to putting plastic bag bans in place. And where no ban is in place, people have become well aware of the negative impact single use plastic bags place on our environment, wildlife and food supply.

But still: 40% of Americans forget to bring their own bag. And though sustainable shopping bags are on the rise, they remain just one more thing to remember. Not to mention—sustainable bags were not created to be used all day and then be worn into a trendy bar in the evening. All of which makes it pretty hard to make a good thing become a good habit.

Well say hello to Tembo.
Designed to go from Whole Foods to The Hamptons...from Farmers’ market to Fifth Avenue—the Tembo Six Bougies tote bag is a chic, sustainable BYO-bag. It’s the go everywhere, one bag solution.

Working with The Artisan Sewing Cooperative, incubated by the non-profit Wishwas, our bags are fair trade made in Queens NYC by low-income Bangladeshi immigrant, refugee and asylee women. Economically empowering these women, shifts them away from their patriarchal society, provides them with new-found freedom to make financial choices, and contributes to better health and nutrition security for them and their children.