Shamir - Autograph Intelligence.png

Product: Autograph Intelligence

Brand: Shamir

Price: $195

Product Description:

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ is Shamir’s top-of-the-line, most advanced progressive lens, ushering optics into a new dimension in optimally customized, patient-centered lenses. It provides presbyopic patients with a continuous lens design which is unique according to their Visual Age™ (the physiological age of the eye) and visual needs.

A lens ahead of its time, it harnesses Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and three new cutting-edge Shamir technologies:

1. Eye-Point Technology AI™: Using Shamir’s Head Eye Integrative Movement Software, it tracks exactly through which areas in the lens patients actually look, along both the vertical and horizontal meridians in the different vision zones, enabling the design of a lens that takes into account actual viewing angles computed for every distance.
2. Continuous Design Technology™: Integrates researching findings with patient habits and visual needs to provide a smooth, seamless lens design for every Visual Age™. It links one product with a continuum of designs that meet a range of specific visual needs, guaranteeing a seamless transition as reading powers increase.
3. Visual AI Engine™: Optimizes the lens to accommodate each individual specifically to how they will use the lens.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ allows for easier adaptation for presbyopes with low reading powers, provides instant focus for every distance and a smooth transition between vision zones. There is a unique user experience for every wearer.

Why should this product be considered?

Other progressive lenses today provide patients with a “personalized” lens based mostly on the measurements of their selected frame, or “customized” based on lifestyle information from questionnaires. However, this “one design” concept ultimately provides everyone with the same solution.

Based on research conducted by Shamir, findings revealed a clear correlation between each visual need and the Visual Age™ of the patient, meaning that each Visual Age™ has different visual preferences and needs. This conclusion supports the assumption that there is a gap between current progressive lens designs, which are the same for everyone, regardless of their visual needs.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ fills this gap – whether addressing the needs of a patient who is 40 or 65, a truly customized lens design can be prescribed that precisely addresses their unique visual needs. This lens design delivers a level of personalization that is unavailable in any other progressive lens today.