Product: Asymmetry Poncho

Brand: Piccolo New York

Price: $580

Product Description:

Refined and feminine, Piccolo New York's Asymmetry Poncho brings together a glamorous chic look, with effortless elegance. The asymmetric silhouette brings edginess while the luxurious strip of fox fur fur adds just the right touch of glamour to the piece. The poncho is very versatile and can be beautifully paired with leggings and knee-high leather boots, or even athleisure wear and sneakers.

Why should this product be considered?

The Asymmetry Poncho is Piccolo New York's signature piece. It is a real stunner that everyone loves!
With it's beautiful asymmetric silhouette, combined with a luxurious stripe of lush fox fur, it elevates knitwear to a whole new level of chic. Many buyers have told us that this Asymmetry Poncho is very unique, and not like ones they often see in the market.
For this reason, we feel this Asymmetry Poncho is a great candidate for the Design Excellence Award in the Personal Accessories category.

In future seasons, Piccolo New York will be coming out with faux fur stripes on the Asymmetry Poncho, so we can offer different options to our customers!