Souler’s Direct Sales Platform Now Grants Stock Options to Top Influencers


By Lauren Parker, Contributing Editor


Influencer marketing continues to evolve, as does ways for the most prominent in the field to reap its rewards.


Case in point is influencer commerce platform/community Souler, which just announced a plan to give selected influencers stock options as part of its Chosen Influencer program. The idea is to increase influencer incentive and commitment in an industry constantly vying for their attention and participation.


On Souler, influencers participate free of charge to endorse and sell a curated assortment of premium and luxury products directly to their followers and earn a percentage of sales. Through their Souler “stores,” influencers can feature brands they already work with plus new ones they discover on the platform. Categories include fashion, home, health and beauty, outdoor and kids, and all items sold are drop-shipped from the brands with no purchasing commitment from influencers.


The Souler Chosen Influencer Program is win-win for all involved, from participating brands that leverage influencer marketing’s power into dollars, to influencers who are amping up their personal compensation. The consumer can then purchase items supported by influencers they follow and admire.


“The Souler Chosen Influencer Program deepens our commitment to the influencers, creators, and cultural icons who shape the Souler community,” said Souler Co-Founder and CEO Josh Wexler. “These top influencers feature and promote their favorite products in their Souler Stores and on all of their social media feeds. In turn, Souler highlights them through featured stories and podcasts on our platform and through other marketing initiatives,” said George Manley, Souler’s SVP of Sales and Marketing.


From models and social media personalities to Olympic gold medalist Dalilah Muhammad, the platform utilizes a broad spectrum of influencers and merchandise.


“I’ve always wanted to offer my followers a simple way to buy the products I love, in one place, and Souler allows me to do that and create a business,” said Instagram influencer Greg Davis Jr. who has more than 1 million social media followers across platforms.

Noor Nanda