RETAIL SPOTLIGHT: The Phluid Project

The Accessories Council has had the chance to work with so many dynamic retailers over the years! As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary this year, we want to share their stories and how they incorporate accessories, jewelry and footwear into their mix.

RETAIL SPOTLIGHT: The Phluid Project

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Visited by Karen Giberson, February 27, 2019

When retail veteran, Rob Garrett Smith launched The Phluid Project a year ago, he opened the doors to perhaps the world’s first genderneutral retail haven. Located strategically at 684 Broadway, the space is part retail, part coffee shop, part community center, part event location and 100% welcoming to all.

Upon entering, you will find an exciting mix of products, from their exclusive positively messaged “conversation starter” shirts to an exclusive line of carefully designed genderless denim. (All made in the USA). The store is a discovery zone for niche and well-priced brands, including clothing, shoes, beauty and lots of accessories. The space is filled with movable fixtures to easily accommodate events and reconfigurations. I spied a few of our members already in the mix including Happy Socks and Fleur’d. Not only is the store merchandised in a genderless manner, it’s a size friendly mecca—their products sized 0-5/6 can all be found together. Uniquely designed genderless mannequins highlight the star products.

The store is a great stop for those who are gift shopping, on the hunt for a unique item or practical clothes. The sales team was friendly, educated and tuned into customer feedback for future buys. I was particularly drawn to their candle collection that gives 100% of the profits to philanthropic causes. Most importantly, the space is comfortable, warm and welcoming. You can go in, hang out for the day and never buy a product. There is a community center in the basement that can be reserved for meetings or events at no charge. The rear of the store had a RISE Microbrew coffee bar and a cool bleacher style hang out space. They host 5-6 events per week, but one need not be in New York to be a part of this community.

Events, conversations, information and of course shopping are available at

OPPORTUNITIES for Accessories Council Members: The Phluid Project want to grow their accessory business! Every week, there is an opportunity to meet the buying team on Tuesday between 11:00am-12:00pm in the store. The Accessories Council is working with the team at Phluid to arrange for a specific review day this month for our members, so please do let us know if you are interested in learning more.

Noor Nanda