Product: Herzog

Brand: Caleres Dr. Scholl’s

Price: $100

Product Description:

Dr. Scholl's Shoes' first ever eco-conscious design. Each and every piece and part is made with sustainable materials and processes: engineered knit upper made from recycled plastic water bottles, recycled plastic bottle laces, reinforcements, and eyelets, re-purposed scrap leather pieces, 100% cotton linings, foam insole and midsole blended with Bloom algea, and outsoles blended with rice husks. Per pair, this equates to an average of 8 plastic bottles being diverted from landfills, 26 gallons of algea contaminated water returned to the environment as fresh water, and 22 balloons of CO2 being saved from the earth's atmosphere.

Why should this product be considered?

Dr. Scholl's Shoes has a mission to make people feel good and look good. But knowing what is happening in the world around us, we feel the responsibility now more than ever to also DO GOOD. What started with an idea to create a sustainable shoe, which sparked a journey for our brand. Since the development of the Herzog, we have taken our learnings and material developments into the rest of our line, resulting in over 62,000 pounds of recycled materials used, 3,000,000 plastic water bottles saved from landfills to date, and 4,000,000 balloons of CO2 saved from the earth's atmosphere...all of this is in the matter of less than a year. Our journey is just beginning, and we are excited to share our learnings with our other Caleres' brands to truly begin to make a difference.