Product: Mini 741001 BLS

Brand: Tura Inc


Product Description:

Round Cat Eye women’s frame in transparent blush acetate accompanied by shiny gold temples

Features a deep side- shield design detail seldom found in other eyewear collections

Captures the “barely there” color trend in a completely unique construction

Due to the transparency of the material and the deep side shield, the upper temporal corners on the front appear darker than the rest of the frame, giving the frame a fashion forward edge. 

Why should this product be considered?

As a new brand to the eyewear industry, MINI Eyewear has provided Eschenbach and Tura a collaborative opportunity to design a unique sophisticated collection, unparalleled by other labels in the industry. World-renowned for their automotive namesake: The MINI Cooper, MINI distinguishes itself by balancing practicality and playfulness.  It globally identifies as a refined premium brand with a democratic disposition; while it looks incredibly expensive, it is accessible to everyone.  The MINI motto “maximize the experience, focus on the essential” drives every design.  Symbolizing independence and spontaneity, MINI’s inventive spirit defines our women’s optical frame 741001.  This frame’s unique construction is meticulously crafted by milling the entire frame front from a very thick block of acetate.  This incredibly laborious process is the only way to maintain precision on the eye shape, and rim size, and create the very deep side- shield design detail.  Side- shield design details are not common on optical frames due to this technical challenge.  Further, through its transparent “barely there” blush acetate, the side- shield detail allows the upper temporal corners on the front to appear darker than the rest of the frame, giving the frame a fashion forward edge.  This thoughtfully developed design detail echoes MINI’s ethos that the material should authentically “do the work”. Through it’s considered use of material and refined approach, 741001 fully embodies the character of the MINI customer: creative individuals, appreciative of fresh design, innovative technology, and a minimalist aesthetic.  Throughout the MINI collection, one will find side- shield design details, a very sophisticated nod to MINI’s racing history.    This frame will stand out in any optical store as a wearable, fully functional, work of art.