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Product: dillon



Product Description:

Meet Dillon. At Hammitt, we know there are many sides to every woman. That’s why we imagined a bag with six looks in one style. Designed with a variety of bold, buttery leathers and a removable, adjustable strap, the Dillon morphs quickly from look to look. Two zippered flaps can be reversed to create a total of six unique combinations. Beyond their versatile visual appeal, these flaps include full-sized pockets that work in harmony with two body compartments and a central, concealed drop pocket. Dillon’s elite user experience continues with suede-lined interior pockets and Hammitt’s signature credit card slot. Hammitt covers every innovative feature for life with a lifetime promise.

Why should this product be considered?

We design Hammitt bags to lead the handbag market in functionality and versatility, constantly challenging ourselves to include more looks, more textures, more hidden pockets and more customizable features in every individual style. For instance, not only can a woman wearing the Dillon choose between six different looks in seconds, she can adjust or even remove the bag’s strap to fit her height or day-to-day schedule. It’s our belief that this thoughtfulness celebrates our woman’s dynamic lifestyle, offering her a Swiss-army-knife-style experience without sacrificing the aesthetics that befit a contemporary handbag.