Monica Rich Kosann - The Locket Bar.png

Product: The Locket Bar

Brand: Monica Rich Kosann


Product Description:

THE LOCKET BAR is a software technology developed by MRK that affords customers a unique interactive fine jewelry experience. In-store the client is able to share photos from their phone with a sales associate who can have them edited, sized, and printed in minutes to go into that client's locket purchase. For e-commerce, the client can size and print perfectly sized photos and notes in their home or office for a web locket purchase. THE LOCKET BAR is available in MRK boutiques and, as well as through key wholesale partners.

Why should this product be considered?

THE LOCKET BAR brings an interactive customer experience to fine jewelry retail. It allows a brick and mortar retail store to create an emotional experience with a customer, thereby creating the opportunity for an extended customer relationship.

On the web, the technology allows the client to form an emotional connection to the MRK brand.