Marina B - Titanium Pampilles Earrings with Opal.jpg

Product: Titanium Pampilles Earrings with Opal

Brand: Marina B

Price: $30,900

Product Description:

Titanium Pampilles earrings with Opal - 4.69 carats of Diamonds and 21.79 carats of Opal

Why should this product be considered?

The Titanium Pampilles earrings from Marina B are Creative Director Guy Bedarida’s take on a classic silhouette that is reinvented for today’s modern day jewelry connoisseur. Reimagined from one of Marina Bulgari’s original, archival designs, the modern Pampilles earrings are updated with an ultra-lightweight Titanium material, creating a nearly imperceptible movement and an ease of wear without sacrificing beauty. Designer Bedarida was drawn to the blue plating of the Titanium as the perfect complement to the luminous opals, using an elegant, pavé diamond setting as the ultimate finishing touch. The earrings reveal a luxe accessory that is in typical Marina B spirit, exceptionally feminine yet powerful and bold.