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Product: The Violin



Product Description:

Lovard stands for the bold. Stepping out? Step it up! Bold hardware gives this violin-inspired silhouette a badass vibe. Designed to hold your phone, a couple of cards and not much else — so you can pack light for the night with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The Violin comes with the Lovard signature D-Ring which allows for attachment of our bold clip-on accessories that transform your look.

Dimensions: 7.5"H x 5.5"W x 2.25"D
Beautiful Grade One python exterior, ethically farm-raised
Three interior credit card slots
100% Plastic free
Equestrian-inspired studding on exterior
Trapunto elevated piecing on exterior
Signature Lovard D-ring on exterior, attach one of our clip-on accessories to transform your look
Lined with luxurious Duchess satin
High-quality detachable 52" chain strap with clips
Top zipper spans entire width of bag
Monogram one letter of your choice in real hardware

Why should this product be considered?

For women who won't be defined, Lovard is an accessories brand that was created for your multifaceted life and style. While most brands make you choose between being the good girl and the bad girl - Lovard's Violin lets you be both - and everything in between.

The Violin, inspired by the signature shape of its namesake instrument, stands out as a unicorn in the traditional handbag market. One of Lovard’s best-selling styles, versatility is the hallmark of this design, which features a signature D-ring that allows for Lovard's charm accessories to be added on-the-go. The result is the ability to transform your bag to reflect your latest look. Whether it’s our gila head for when you’re feeling like a badass or our chain tassel for a more classic look - the Violin supports your need for versatility and your unwillingness to be defined.

At Lovard we believe that choice is freedom – and that’s why Lovard (and our Violin) stands for the bold.