Product: Gamechanger Collection

Brand:Leigh Ann Barnes


Product Description:

Filling a void.
Creating functional fashion-forward stadium-approved bags.
Recognizing the need for added value with convertible customizable elements.

At Leigh Ann Barnes’ core is transparency: convertible stadium bags that transform from chic to see-through in a snap.
Leigh Ann Barnes get you effortlessly and quickly through security and into your main event.

Our patent pending barrel, bucket and belt bags are perfect for concerts, court-side, festivals, date night, girls’ night or anytime.

Leather, canvas, exotic skins, color blocking, and more each bag can sport a variety of covers depending up your team colors, your mood or OOTD.

Why should this product be considered?

Innovative and game-changing Leigh Ann Barnes creates needed products while providing jobs for women in need.

Domestically L.A.B. products are made by survivors of domestic violence. Passionate about equal opportunities for all, Leigh Ann is committed to helping victims of deplorable circumstances.

Each stadium-approved clear bag has been tested and tweaked to make wearability, usability and versatility paramount.

Careful consideration went into fabrication and pricing to make our bags attainable to a broad customer base.

Bags for every season, every sport, bags that can go everywhere. Transformative, transparent, multi-purposed and necessary, we stand behind our game-changing collection.

Game on.