Julie Lamb NY - The Freelancer' Flexible Diamond Ring.jpg

Product: The Freelance Flexible Diamond Ring

Brand: Julie Lamb NY

Price: $8,750

Product Description:

18K Gold 5mm hinged band featuring 1ct. Baguette Diamonds

Our modern interpretation of the classic anniversary band exemplifies the perfect synergy between couture and engineering. Nine baguette diamonds flex off of one another between exposed hardware. We love the industrial look as well as how it yields to fit the finger. Form follows function never looked so luxe. It's all about being flexible.

Why should this product be considered?

This modern interpretation of the classic eternity band skillfully dovetails industrial design with luxury. Upon first glance all you can see is shine from nine top quality genuine baguette diamonds set in high polished 18K yellow gold. The wow factor is tactile, as the ring flexes its solid gold hinges. The Freelancer hinged band can be worn as a wedding band or stacking ring. It’s flush fit sides layer easily with most ring styles, providing endless options and occasions to wear it. The flexible construction allows for easy on and off, as ring sizes can sometimes shift with the weather. It’s also an excellent choice for people who have trouble with ring sizing due to larger knuckles, the flexibility allows the Freelancer to bend over the knuckle and still fit properly. There is a solid gold sizing bar at the back, it is comfortable as well as providing a surface for any customized message to be engraved. This design could not have been achieved without CAD. The precision of 3D model building makes this piece seamless in its execution.
The Freelancer was aptly named to personify its flexible functionality. The marketing handle is ‘Be Flexible’. It’s a reminder to face everyday with an open attitude and take on the changes and opportunities in stride as they come. This piece holds a deeply personal meaning to me. As an undergrad Metalsmith I handmade hinged rings and bracelets in sterling with semi precious stones. After spending the first half of my career designing jewelry across the industry for companies large and small I finally launched my own line. I enjoyed the benefits and stability of full time work for many years, and now I’ve pivoted to become an entrepreneur and sometimes a freelancer. This piece is a reminder to me as I embrace my new life to always #BeFlexible