Jeff Wan - Le Morne Lunch Box.png

Product: Le Morne Lunch Box

Brand:Jeff Wan


Product Description:

Jeff Wan, Le Morne Lunch Box, Top-Handle/Crossbody, Smooth Calf Leather, $295

Le Morne Lunch Box is the distinguished Jeff Wan "It bag". Crafted in premium Italian calf leather and treated to last for years of wear, the spacious interior compartments are lined with Ultrasuede fabric that is soft to the touch, and creates a true feeling of luxury. Its aesthetic is both minimal and multi-functional, boasting an origami-like construction. It features a removable top handle and adjustable crossbody strap and user-friendly magnetic top-closure, accommodating the user's items.

Le Morne Lunch Box is made by hand in New York City using standard tools and machines to assist in the sampling and production. Patterns are cut using dye-cut panels, similar to cookie-cutters. Then edges are cut, bonded and folded, and raw edges are painted by hand with a semi-gloss polymer for durability and aesthetic purposes. A commercial-friendly, nylon thread is used for strength and longevity.

Why should this product be considered?

The Le Morne Lunch Box, comes from my background as a designer, entrepreneur, and you won’t believe it, but a consumer of fashion! Every decision I make goes through layers of consideration in design, functionality, end-use, and quality. The collection is made for the maturing millennial who is not only conscious of trends, but is budget-conscious as well. They are looking for something that can be worn with multiple outfits in their wardrobe. As a designer and business-owner in 2019, I feel it is my duty to produce a product that a customer will not only be proud to wear, but will offer them a New York City brand experience that will satisfy for years to come.