Frances Valentine - McCall Jeweled Velvet Heels.jpg

Product: McCall Jeweled Velvet Heels

Brand:Frances Valentine


Product Description:

Rich red velvet and a colorful jewel ornament on vintage-inspired d'Orsay shoe with vintage heel.

Why should this product be considered?

The McCall heels and the Sabrina bag were designed to be timeless yet modern. They are meant to be worn today as well as years from now, current but not trendy. The Sabrina bag offers functionality with multiple interior tech pockets as well as two strap options. The contrast lining is designed to delight our customer every time they open the bag. The Sabrina is functional enough to wear to work yet dressy enough for a night out. The McCall heels are a flattering shape with a custom made sparkly topper(?) that bring an outfit to life - the perfect finishing touch. Inspired by vintage shapes with an updated sensibility these silhouettes embody our brand vision. Bright, happy designs that invoke confidence.