FFORA - Essentials Suite for Wheelchairs.jpg

Product: Essentials Suite for Wheelchairs

Brand: FFORA

Price: $49

Product Description:

The FFORA Essentials Suite is a wheelchair attachable lifestyle collection that fuses fashion and function, offering unique ways for the disabled community to access their personal belongings with ease, whilst on-the-go. Meticulously envisaged and developed alongside wheelchair users, the suite consists of an array of products such as cup holders, wallets and bags that permit users to be as hands-free as possible.

Why should this product be considered?

The disabled population represents the largest minority group in the world, and yet fashion accessories contribute billions of dollars globally to the economy, until now there has yet to be seen any fashionable lifestyle accessories designed for use on mobility devices. Existing wheelchair associated products are medically-centric and made of poor quality materials, resulting in a scattered market of unattractive products that many consider socially embarrassing. Previously the demographic resorted to inventing their own solutions and ‘hack’ their devices out of necessity and disappointment with existing products, attaching their belongings with carabiner clips, shoelaces and straps. The FFORA Essentials Suite was designed as a response to this lack of inclusion and innovation. We believe everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in the products that they use every day, good design should be accessible to everybody both aesthetically and economically.The Essentials Suite offers performance and dignity, also provides visibility for this community through product innovation, ultimately allowing disability to lead in the lifestyle category. Wheelchairs and mobility devices aren’t only considered vital modes of mobility and independence- they are fundamental factors of style and self-expression and the Essentials Suite further reinforces this message.