Product: Aurora Pump

Brand:Femmes Sans Peur


Product Description:

Inspired by our love for Art Nouveau and ancient Egyptian jewelry, our sculptural Aurora Dragonfly Queen's expansive wings will empower your mindset and seduce your senses. This luxury pump features a extended heel breast for more stability and material interest. Her tail features inset Swarovski crystals that will have you glittering with every step. They are truly jewelry for your feet! There is ample memory foam padding support to cushion your feet all day, as well as a rubber pod recessed into the leather sole to help prevent slipping on the go. Our gold lotus flower logo adorns the sole to inspire divine beauty and awaken your soles.

Why should this product be considered?

Our brand name Femmes Sans Peur translates to "Fearless Women". We wanted to create a shoe that truly embraced this concept, an alluring statement piece that would have women dressing from the ground up. Fashion is after all an extension of one's self, a form of self expression and Aurora is an architectural feast for the eyes, while embodying everything we want our wearer to be. When she feels beautiful, she is confident. When she is confident, she is empowered. When she is empowered, she becomes fearless and a force to be reckoned with. Aurora elevates her wardrobe, allowing her to push boundaries and defy convention.