Echo - Tassel Rhapsody Silk Square Scarf.png

Product: Tassel Rhapsody Silk Series Scarf

Brand: Echo

Price: $149

Product Description:

Every season, Echo creates a Series scarf constructed by skilled artisans using timeless techniques, hand-painted in our New York studio, featuring only the finest, heavyweight silk and hand-rolled hem detailing.

The Tassel Rhapsody scarf was inspired by travels to Tibet, roaming through its markets, breathing in and absorbing colors, patterns and textures of the local art and craftsmanship.

Why should this product be considered?

What is more iconic than a beautiful Echo Scarf? A single accessory which possesses the power to transform a mood and a perspective, launched the Echo family business in 1923. The Tassel Rhapsody Scarf represents everything Echo stands for - inspired design rooted in a rich heritage of print, pattern and color that stands the test of time.