Doryn Wallach Jewelry - Sapphire and Diamon Cocktail Ring.png

Product: Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring

Brand: Doryn Wallach Jewelry

Price: $37,500

Product Description:

9.89 ct repurposed vintage blue sapphire, 0.88 ct vintage diamond baguettes, platinum.

Why should this product be considered?

The stone was sourced from an admirer of Doryn’s work, whose father was a master jeweler from 1930-1950 and left her multiple parcels upon his death. Confident that her stones would be safe in Doryn’s hands, and reset in a manner that would make her jeweler father proud, she brought the parcels to Doryn’s office.

Wallach noted, “When I discovered this sapphire among a parcel of onyx, I immediately knew I had come across a special stone. While designing its new setting, it was important to me that the ring retain its vintage nature, and was set in a manner that allows light to pass through.”

Vintage diamond baguettes were sourced in homage of the provenance of the sapphire, and frame the center gem. With a delicate platinum band, the ring evokes the deco spirit often seen in Wallach’s designs.