BOND Hardware - Single Blade Ear Cuff.jpg

Product: Single Blade Ear Cuff

Brand:BOND Hardware


Product Description:

Fitted ear cuff with a high polish finish + laser logo engraving. A sharp, minimalistic interpretation of the circular saw blade motif.
- Made from super-light Aluminum 6061, which is 1/3rd the weight of Sterling Silver -- with a high polish finish
- Nickel-free, hypoallergenic, and scratch/tarnish resistant.
Can be worn alone, layered with other earrings, or as part of a matching pair. No piercing necessary.
- Part of the ‘single blade’ collection of statement earrings, bracelets, rings and neckpieces

Why should this product be considered?

BOND Hardware is located in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We create bold, unisex jewelry|accessories with a sustainable ethos.
Sharp angles and clean lines blend to create a unique statement earring, that elegantly adorns one’s ears and neck. Lightweight, yet sculptural and bold, it’s made from aircraft grade aluminum that’s super-light -- ⅓ the weight of silver -- providing a comfortable weight and fit. We use mostly recycled material, so it’s also a better option for the environment. Each piece is handmade in NYC.
Industrial-inspired and boldly designed, the essence of BOND Hardware jewelry is how it makes the wearer feel -- powerful, confident, and bold. The brand's sharp designs and modern ethos have a loyal following.