Bentz - The Jewel.png

Product: The ‘Jewel’

Brand: bentz


Product description:

The chic and modern 'Jewel' handbag, crafted in Italy using only the finest Italian leathers, polished brass hardware and embellished with the exquisite signature Swarovski crystal strap. Delicately tucked in the inside pocket of the handbag, sits a custom designed collector inspirational penny*, coated in 18K gold and surrounded by dazzling Swarovski crystals. Wishing the bearer of the inspirational penny all life's blessings!

Why Should this product be considered?

Bentz signature Swarovski crystal strap has a patent pending for design and utility. We have designed our own custom Swarovski beads being used in our signature crystal strap, which Swarovski manufacturers only and 'EXCLUSIVELY' for Bentz. Bentz custom Swarovski crystal strap is a ONE-OF-A-KIND and has NEVER been seen before ANYWHERE in the marketplace EVER. We have designed our collector 'Inspirational Penny' made of 18K gold and surrounded with dazzling Swarovski crystals. A story card of the penny will also be included inside the handbag. Bentz handbags are Made In Italy.