Product: Ina Crossbody Drop Cloth Champagne


Price: $585

product description:

Designed in NYC. Handcrafted from upcycled drop cloths used by block print artisans with a supple Italian pebble grain leather trim. The clothes are used repeatedly as a protective layer to absorb access dyes seeping through the block printed fabric onto the table and is usually discarded once saturdated with dye. The result of this process creates a chaotic, one-of-a-kind, wabi-sabi print that we find beautiful.

The bag is identifiable with its signature hand knotted top handle. It lies flat against the hip. It’s constructed with expert attention to detail, with strategic placement of hand stitches for added reinforcement and luxurious finishing.

After two years of design, formulation, research and development, our signature Ina Series was engineered for production. The teardrop body is the mini version of the Ina Series, carefully considered to have plenty space for all your belongings. The bag requires meticulous and precise craftsmanship to complete.

The embroidery and embellishment on this bag utilizes techniques that have been practiced over generations for over 4000 years. Working with artisan communities preserves indigenous craft while also having a direct positive impact on local communities and poverty reduction. This bag is one-of-a-kind and intended to be treasured and handed down for generations to come.

The well-being of the garment workers and artisans skillfully producing our bags is always at the core of our design and manufacturing philosophy as we work with our partner factories to incrementally implement “The behno Standard.”

Why should this product be considered?

This handbag is a part of behno’s signature Ina Series and the smallest in the series. Its unique teardrop silhouette is identifiable to the brand with its novel side drawstring opening, utilizing minimal hardware to create a soft yet structured look. This Ina Mini Crossbody also has a crossbody strap, which attaches inside, as behno recognizes the increasing hands-free habits of consumers on the go with their phones in their hands. At the same time, although a “mini” bag, it can fit a sizable amount of things, including a large phone.

behno as a brand was founded by Shivam Punjya as a social enterprise to address poverty and global health through traditional and non-traditional enterprise channels. behno's mission is to redefine and bring sharp awareness to sustainability and ethics to fashion by revolutionizing the way garment workers and artisans are treated, viewed, and employed. behno works very closely with its factories, ensuring that “The behno Standard” is incrementally implemented to address six main principles: health, garment worker social mobility, family planning, women’s rights, worker satisfaction and benefits, and eco-consciousness. behno believes in a space where luxury design meets ethical thinking.

Further, to ensure competitiveness in the marketplace, all behno bags are priced under $990, allowing for bags constructed at a luxury standard to be sold at an advanced contemporary price-point.