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Product: style SK0240-P(Marcolin)

Brand:Atelier Swarovski Eyewear


Product Description:

Atelier Swarovski's limited-edition sunglasses, SK0240-P, are the ultimate expression of luxury. Featuring circular frames fully crystallized with baguette cut stones, this style is completed with
eye-catching hand-set pavé crystals and a striking star shape. These exclusive sunglasses are made in Italy, feature the Atelier Swarovski-specific temple tip design and are available in two color variations, silver and gold.

Why should this product be considered?

The limited-edition sunglasses from Atelier Swarovski should be considered due to it's unique design inspired by the creativity, craftsmanship and innovation embodied in its successful jewelry and home decor lines. The collection is expertly crafted and distributed by Marcolin Group, one of the world’s leading companies in the eyewear industry, and features styles that celebrate cutting-edge design and the innovative and opulent use of crystal.