Brand: Artisans of iq

Price: $420

Product Description:

Our classic wanderlust tote has been reinvented this season, decorated with our signature silk pompoms without it's beaded trim. She is light weight and perfect to travel with and has enough room to hold your beach essentials a picnic blanket or fresh flowers and it's beautiful Champagne pompoms will compliment any summer outfit. Braided together from water hyacinth and decorated with handmade 100% silk pompoms this unique piece takes 2 weeks to finish. Comes fully lined in 100% twill cotton a side wall pocket big enough for your keys or wallet and a beautiful handmade embroidered logo duster bag for storage.

Why should this product be considered?

Besides providing solid work for our artisans and preserving ancient artisans traditions and craftsmanship, our pledge to sustainability is evidenced in our Nolita Romani handbag, made of water hyacinth, a plant imported from deep waters in Mekong Delta that negatively affects the Cambodian, & Vietnamese eco-system. One way to keep the plant under control is to use as much of it for products which are not only sustainable but help raise the standard of living for many in the community. Our workers harvest, dry, hand-braid and mold the fibers into beautiful silhouettes. The handbags are then taken by bus to another group of female artisans who sew cotton lining and colorful trim. Finally the bags are sent to a remote village where other talented women who need the work the most use non-toxic dyes to hand-dye long strands of raw silk and craft eye-catching, soft silk pom poms used to decorate our beautiful totes. These beautiful bohemian designs give work to 4 talented groups of women artisans. Nolita Romani which in Spanish means gypsy is a one of a kind tote bag that is not only aesthetically beautiful but positively impacting the lives of these women by lifting the quality of life of their families & helping their Eco system. Often purchased for vacation and travel she is a timeless piece of ethical luxury.