Wolf & Willa

Artisan-made, crafted by hand.

Wolf & Willa is a small business, owned and operated by women, dedicated to curating a thoughtful collection of artisan-made goods for both you and your home. Established in 2018, the brand’s mission is to collaborate with skilled tailors, weavers, and jewelers from diverse corners of the globe, where craftsmanship has been honed and passed down through. generations.


Inspired by a passion for travel and a deep respect for the time-honored traditions behind artisanal craftsmanship, Wolf & Willa celebrates the unique quirks and nuances that make each piece special. The company takes joy in the knowledge that every item is crafted by human hands, carrying with it a rich narrative of someone’s life journey.

Designs merge contemporary sensibilities with materials crafted using ancient techniques. Small imperfections are cherished and believed to lend character to each piece; a gentle reminder of the artisans who breathe life into their goods.