Drizzle Doodle


Introducing the artist series by Shed Rain: An Innovative endeavor dedicated to nurturing and uplifting the vibrant creative community. Through collaborative efforts with both local talents and nationally-recognized artists, the brand is bringing captivating masterpieces to a broader audience. The fusion of art and functionality is expressed in these stunning works that transform every rainy day into a portable art gallery experience.

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Among the artists featured in this exceptional collection is Katie Merz, a native of Brooklyn, whose artistic vision is deeply rooted in the dynamic essence of her city and infused with influences from cartoons and architecture. Renowned on a national scale, Merz’s art transcends conventional boundaries, seamlessly blending elements of graffiti, coding, and the intricate tapestry of everyday language. Her murals serve as captivating urban hieroglyphics, inviting viewers into a mesmerizing world where vibrant dialogues, notes, architectural motifs, mathematical symbols, and enigmatic visual connectors coalesce into a vivid narrative.


Explore the Artist Series at shedrain.com and embark on a journey where art meets utility, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary with each beautifully crafted umbrella.