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Article written by Kathleen Beckett for the New York Times

More than 70 examples of fashions created by women for women are showcased in the exhibition “Women Dressing Women” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City (through March 3).

How are their creations different from those of male designers?

“Gender is such a personal aspect of identity that influences everyone differently,” Mellissa Huber, the institute’s associate curator and the co-curator of the show, wrote in an email. She noted that while many women “might not wish their work to be perceived through the lens of gender, for some it can be a really important aspect of their professional identity.”

The New York Times asked the same question of several female jewelry designers and experts. Here are their thoughts on what it means to be women dressing women — in jewelry.

Monica Ad

Karen Giberson
President and chief executive of the Accessories Council, in New York City

Ms. Giberson wrote that Monica Rich Kosann, a designer in New York City, exemplifies the effect that a woman has on her jewelry designs. “Rich Kosann has said that everything she designs has a reason for being. She always asks herself, ‘How will this piece make a woman feel empowered and inspired?’ She leaves nothing to chance. If a piece flips backward or lays on its side (which will happen, naturally, as a woman goes about her day), she wants to know it will still look beautiful. To that end, she ensures that there are design elements on the back of each piece and that the lines work seamlessly as it moves.”

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