Liselle Kiss

Feminine and Functional Luxury Handbags

Liselle Kiss was stuck in a career she didn’t love. So she did what many of us dream of doing: she gave it up to pursue a more creative endeavor. “I had finished college and was working in management,” Kiss explains. “But I set my sights on Parsons School of Design.” That’s when, in the dead of winter 2013, she decided to build her life back up from scratch. Leaving everything familiar behind — job, condo, and friends — Kiss set out to experience a new world deep in the heart of New York City. “While I was at Parsons, I worked multiple jobs. I styled brides and sourced fabric in the garment district to pay for school. It took me four years to finish the two year fashion design program, but I graduated. And that is something I am still very proud of,” says the Brooklyn-based designer.


Her career as a handbag designer took shape when she could not find a functional, but feminine bag that she loved. Raised by a Trinidadian mother in Miami, Kiss drew her inspiration from the feminine spirit of her hometown and the classic architectural structure of New York. Her objective is to create bags that are high-quality, timeless, and functional. “I wanted something comfortable that I could wear all day and take into night. But also, something that could be used in many ways, as an all-in-one, for example,” she explains.

The resulting signature LISELLE bag — with a four-style chain that quickly transforms from crossbody to elbow to clutch to shoulder — is both reliable and beautiful. Out of the gate the brand was an editorial hit, grabbing the attention of industry veterans, including executive Elissa Bromer, and merchandising leader Randi Gefen. Both are partnering with Kiss to help take the business to the next level. Bromer explained, “The time is now to make diversity a real conversation in the fashion industry and create opportunities for new emerging designers with strength and leadership to succeed. I believe Liselle Kiss has all that is needed to succeed. Her designs are fearlessly feminine and give her customer a feeling of femininity and power at the same time.” 


The first collection launched in March 2022 with five signature styles: the LISELLE, a classic, chic carry-all bag; the MELI, a unique mini-bag with a top handle and chain accent; the ALLIE, a wallet on a chain style for the woman on the go; the CIARA, a modern take on the bucket bag with feminine structure and chain detail; and the LYSTRA, a feminine flap bag that effortlessly moves from day-to-night. A portion of the company’s proceeds will support the A21 Campaign, a nonprofit organization that works to fight human trafficking. Price points range from $350- $695 and will be available to purchase directly from