Burkindy, designer of his namesake jewelry brand, founded his business on a very practical principle: he wanted to create jewelry he would actually wear. From the West African country of Burkina Faso, and now a resident of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the young creative never had formal design training, though he told us he comes from a long line of creatives working in fashion. His mother has won a number of awards for her work and has dressed several of their country’s presidents; his grandfather was also in the business.

When Burkindy tried his hand a jewelry, he found the category was a natural fit. At the time, he was working retail for Paul Smith — a job he took to improve his English when he first moved to the states — and he would wear his designs to work. A few months later, he was in negotiations to create a line for Bergdorf Goodman. “I didn’t even know what a line meant at the time, but I did it,” Burkindy chuckled.

When designing a new work he told us his inspiration comes from African signs and symbols. “It’s a language of peace, and unity. Peace can’t just look good but it must feel good,” he said. “My pieces remind you of how you want to live your life. I’m also inspired by nature. There’s never been a cloud that didn’t look beautiful. Like a happy mistake. I also collect African art and when I look at the carving in the wood, the colors, the lines, all have an impact on my work.”


Last year the talented designer had the honor of being awarded FGI’s Rising Star Award. “It’s never been about how much money I can make, it’s been about doing what I love and what makes me happy. I am beyond grateful to have won FGI’s Rising Star Award. It just feels like a new beginning of sorts,” he said. “2024 is about expanding the brand further than it is now.” With handcrafted pieces, Burkindy prides himself on providing well-made jewelry, wrapped up in stellar customer service. “I always say that the one thing that can change your whole day right when you wake up is a good smile.” If you would like to shop his pieces and support his brand, head to his site burkindy.com.