San Francisco Based Bryr, is coming your way, one "chonk" at a time.
By Karen Giberson


The San Francisco phenom direct-to-consumer clog brand is coming your way — one “Chonk” at a time! Chances are if you live in or around San Francisco, you already know Bryr. Since its launch in 2012, the brand has earned a loyal following of over 28,000 customers, a quarter of them based in San Francisco.

Bryr (pronounced briar) means “to care” in Swedish and founder, designer, and chief clog-maker Isobel Schofield has put exceptional effort into ensuring that her purpose-driven brand pays meticulous attention to detail through every step of the process. Schofield spent 15 years working in the apparel industry as first a pattern maker and then design director for leading fashion brands. During a pause in her career, she took a footwear making class which ultimately inspired her to launch Bryr.

The Bryr style is simple, minimal, and classic with a focus on the use of excellent materials and a comfortable fit. Schofield put her pattern making skills to use and carefully designed the solid wooden base of the shoes to fit well. Using only eco-friendly and sustainable materials, uppers are made from durable and soft American leathers.

The shoes are made by hand in Bryr’s unique retail/manufacturing space in the American Industrial Building in San Francisco. Domestic production was important to Schofield. “I didn’t want to out-source,” she said. “I wanted hands-on production and am proud to have manufacturing and retail together in one super intentional space where customers can come in, try on shoes and meet the team that made their clogs.”


The Chonk, a platform clog, is the cult favorite; it currently accounts for over 70% of the brand’s sales and is available in a black or natural base with a variety of colored uppers. Bryr stocks about 10 styles in the store and online and makes the rest of its shoes to order. “Custom orders allow us to minimize over production and waste and we can deliver most orders in only 1-3 weeks,” Schofield explains. “It is an important part of the business and helped the Chonk become Bay City’s go-to shoe. Our heels are perfect for outdoor weddings and our brides can order custom heel pads to commemorate the moment.”

Care is as much a part of the brand’s corporate culture as it is a part of the shoes themselves. Schofield is committed to building a collaborative and positive work space for her employees. She offers competitive salaries and regularly re-evaluates to adjust for increases in the cost of living. The brand is also committed to giving back to the community that supports it, regularly donating shoes to over a dozen charities.

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