Wise On The Rise

Meet Actress Aubin Wise

Photographed by Andrew Egan
Hair and Make up by Bruce Dean

Aubin Wise told us she felt like a “majestic goddess” while modeling for Ac Magazine, a far cry from her latest role as a bad ass vampire slayer in the new Netflix series First Kill. Wise stars in the series as Talia Burns, a fierce superhero mom, who expertly wields swords, bows and arrows, and AR-15s in a quest to protect her family. A lead actor in the series, Wise spent hours working with choreographers and stunt coordinators to create the realistic fight scenes.

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Wise, a seasoned actress, singer, and dancer, fell in love with the theater at an early age and was cast in her first role in a production of Annie when she was a young teen. She followed her dream and earned a degree from the esteemed Berklee College of Music and has been actively working ever since. In 2016 she landed a coveted spot in Broadway’s hit show Hamilton, where she currently plays the dual role of Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds.


When not on stage or in front of the cameras, Wise is a busy single mom to son Kai and her dog Jag. Ac Magazine predicts big things ahead!